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Hi All, I am trying to find an app that does the following two functions (Ive gone through dozens, but seems like one app does one and not the other, or one function is not complete).. 


Cross Sell:  Need to offer multiple products if a certain product is selected.  ie. If Product A is in cart, offer Products B,C,D,E.  Multiple product recommendations required for this, not one single product.


Subscribe for Discount fly in/pop-up:  Provide new subscriber with 10% discount.


Seems like I can find an app that does one or the other, but not both.. Privy looked promising but only can cross sell one product option.  Honeycomb was another but doesn't have the discount pop-up and also had technical issues with the app.  Trying to use a single app for both features as the subscriptions are mainly based on your customer account vs the features you need to use.





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Hey, there I noticed that you are looking for an app that offers smart cross-selling fortunately we have an app in this niche; I am hereby attaching the link for our app. Click Here 

  • Promote your upcoming, new, discounted, or desired products within a minute
  • Easy to install, no code required at all, mobile-friendly, and without affecting your website speed.
  • Decide which product to promote
  • Manage position of the products in the promotion bar
  • Restrict the promotion bar based on customer tags or login
  • Highly customizable promotion bar
  • Add the product directly from the promotion bar with a minimum quantity
  • Analytics
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Hey J,


I couldn't help but notice "toronto" in your username. I'm also in Toronto - out in the beaches.


Our app, Incentivize, isn't the perfect solution but I think we can make it work. We focus on boosting your order size through in-cart upsells and cross sells.


Incentivize slide-out cart showing upsells and cross sells.Incentivize slide-out cart showing upsells and cross sells.



For your goals, you can select hand-picked recommendations per product in the admin. This will offer multiple products based on the last product added to cart to your customers.


Incentivize admin interface showing a combination of automatic and hand-picked recommendations.Incentivize admin interface showing a combination of automatic and hand-picked recommendations.

Now, for offering a discount code based on new customers. This is a feature we'll be implementing soon enough for our merchants. In the meantime, you can pair our app with another to fill the gap. One of our customers, Bull & Cleaver, uses Klaviyo to show a pop-up with a discount code. It integrates with our app and looks pretty slick.


Discount pop-up using Klaviyo with upsells by Incentivize.Discount pop-up using Klaviyo with upsells by Incentivize.


I hope this helps! Feel free to reach and we'd be happy to work with you to find a solution that works.

Incentivize - Increase your average order volume with upsells, cross sells, a free shipping bar and in-cart personalized product recommendations
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