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We are looking into ways to integrate shopify store into our web and app experience, basically a single sign on experience with our own user credential.

We did look into using multipass, while it would work if the customer is coming from our web/app into the shopify store but it does not solve the problem when the customer landed on the shopify store first and try to create the account in shopify then we may end up with 2 accounts with login credential.

Would a private app serve the purpose? allow user to create account and login via our own user management api? 

or is there other ways to do it ?



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You could use the buy button and skip the use shopify accounts altogether.  

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yes we thought about doing that bascially build our own store front with shopify backed product and checkout experience but were debating if it's a good idea to forego the benefit of shopify store front and the possibility of using the app in the store.

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How did you end up? Did you write your own store or could you find a way to use shopify store front?

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@elin2 @seebass @Pat7 Our new application EasyAccounts augments the logged-in customer experience in a graceful way:

If you would like to go over anything in regards to the app, please let us know:


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Right now Shopify only supports SSO (with Multipass) for the Shopify Plus version. So if you are willing to go with the Plus version of Shopify this is the best option available.
You can also have an alternate solution available which you can find here. I could integrate SSO with Custom Identity Provider with my Shopify store successfully.
miniOrange provides an SSO solution for Shopify Non-Plus and Plus versions.  They provide Shopify SSO with any capable identity providers with different standard protocols.
They provided a suitable Single Sign-on (SSO) solution, so users never face a sign-on problem and also have a high level of security policy by configuring MFA. You can check out their Single Sign-On - SSO Login App