Custom/Admin app or public app? Which one I need?

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Hi everyone!


I am brand new to shopify development that is why I came here for advices and help 🙂


We own a marketplace which is full custom code, no CMS, and I would like to sync the orders that clients do on our marketplace with our partner Shopify stores.


Global info:

- We have 2-3 new partners each week

- Our back end run with PHP Symfony

- I obviously want only my clients on this app

- I have knowledge to develop an app using an API



I have seen two types of apps: Custom/admin apps created from shopify admin and public app.

The main difference seems to be the workflow needed to "install" the app and the credentials used to access the API.


Seeing my use case, which one do you advice me to develop?


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Custom/Admin apps that's what you need.

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OK @jazz-jay thanks for your answer!


If I understood correctly, I need to ask my partner to follow this kind of workflow to give me the access token right ?