Custom app development - Costumer profiles

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Anyone have a suggestion to this problem i got.

I Need this function on my site, but does anyone knows how to solve this situation?

The app must do the following: Retrieve all products associated with a customer. Check the status of each product (whether it is sold or not). If a product is sold, update the status in the customer's account. If a product has been on the site for 30 days and has not been sold, mark it for return in the customer's account. Customer Dashboard: The custom app must also include a feature that allows customers to view the status of their
products. This could be a dashboard showing the products they have for sale, which items have sold, which items have been
marked for return, and possibly other statistics. This dashboard must be integrated into the customer's account page on your website. Security: Ensure customers can only see their own product data and not data from other customers. This is essential for privacy and security reasons.


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