Custom App Error Warnings in Shopify

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1. Actual Behavior: Error is coming for custom App SAP Integration 1.0. 
    Expected Behavior: Error should not be coming as everything from our end looks good.
2. Environment & Scope of the Issue:
    SAP Integration 1.0 is creating the problem. 
    Issue is coming only in 1 of 3 store .
    API Version that is being used is - 2023-07
    Scope of issue - Not Sure.
3. Timeframe:
Basically it started to show in Admin since around 2 weeks before. No nothing of that sort. All things was working alright and suddenly the error started to show up in the admin. So would like to know the actually root cause of error or it’s a bug at Shopify’s end.
4. Existing: We are already using it since long this custom app SAP Integration 1.0. 
5. Replication and Raw Example:
It’s not something we have been able to replicate it. Because we are currently using 2 Webhooks orders/created and orders/fullfilled. 
So I hope this answers find you well. Please get back ASAP as the deadline is approaching in couple of days and we want that everything is working as it and nothing gets stopped.
Have attached screenshot of the error that's coming up. Any suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated.
Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 1.41.38 PM.pngScreenshot 2024-03-28 at 1.42.05 PM.png
Thanks in advance
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