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i have tried a few dozen "bundle" apps and cant find anything that really comes close to what we need, so i am looking for some suggestions

we sell a custom built product, but also offer all the parts to build the end product as stand alone products with its own inventory for all the DIYers. 

to put this into easily relatable terms....

we are hand building a car (not really, but easier to understand). the customer picks the car they want... then the color... the trim package... the wheels.. the tires... the interior... then any additional services (clear coat protection or underbody spray for example) and then adds it to the cart. each one of those items is a unique sku in the shop. 

i have found bundle apps that will show and reflect/affect inventory - but all are catering to small amounts of options/products when building out the bundles - people choose from one of 5 different things, and its simple and clean. ive also found a lot of "option" add ons, but those do not affect inventory. in our use case, we have HUNDREDS of options to build out that car - scrolling down a page 3 miles long is neither simple, nor clean and it immediately gets overwhelming for the customer. 

i need a multi-page or multi-section solution that allows me to start with the base product, then we stipulate what products (by way of choosing entire collections - ie: this base product will need any 6 of collection A, 1 of collection B, and 2 collection C) and how many go into building out the final product. much like what ford, chevy, toyota and other car manufacturers have when building your car - you start with the base, then it walks you page by page through the process. 

does such a thing exist?

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Looks like you are looking for a custom product builder.

Let's discuss about it on PM.



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just sent you a message

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Hi Jazz-Jay, can you please contact me about custom product builder?


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My app, BYOB can help merchants to set up chain bundle conditions based on collections. The conditions are separated by tabs. Feel free to check out the demo collection here. Hope it can help!

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