Custom Designer Products App with designing costs at Checkout

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Hi All Shopify Developers/Experts,

We are building a product designer app in Shopify, where end-user/customer can add designs on the product and then do add to cart. On Cart and Checkout page, we want to show the designed product charges along with original product price.

We have gone through other Customizer apps in Shopify. We noticed, they are creating a new product every time on 'Add to Cart', whenever customer add design on the product and Showing that customized product on Checkout. Is this the only one approach for this? Or can we do this by any other way?

Another requirement is for Tax charges, we want to add/show tax charges based on regions for designed product only. When customer add design to product and then on checkout, enters address and if that location eligible for tax charges, then tax charges should apply on it. If customer checkout only original product without designing, then tax charge shouldn't apply to any locations for such products.

Does anyone know how can we implement this? Please let us know.



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