Custom node.js app - bundling through additional selections

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I've been developing an application which would allow me to create bundled products (products with multiple checkbox, where each checkox have a price). A rough vizualisation would be a pizza with extra toppings, each of the topping costs extra. The idea is to use the product as a base, add custom options through custom app and display them on product view. I've successfully tried to modify the order (orderDraft) through graphql on DRAFT_ORDERS_CREATE hook:

mutation draftOrderUpdate($id: ID!, $input: DraftOrderInput!) {
draftOrderUpdate(id: $id, input: $input) {
      draftOrder {
  "id": "gid://shopify/DraftOrder/853743730880",
  "input": {
   "lineItems": [
    {"title": "hello - world ?", "originalUnitPrice": 16, "quantity": 1 }

however once I add there my custom line item through graphql modification - all the other line items are dissapearing.


Then I tried to modify the cart object through, however the following approach does not allow to add custom line items, only existing merchendise...


Any tips on how should I approach the issue ? (Paying for application is not an option for me 😞 )

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Hi @

What I used was this, there are also a method to update the card, that could maybe help you.