Custom Pricing for products without displaying discount in checkout

Custom Pricing for products without displaying discount in checkout

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Hi community, 


I am struggling with a wholesale / custom pricing solutions for our b2b shop: 



I set up a b2b shop and the challenge is top have at least 8 different prices for each product since every customer group has it's own pricing. There are plenty of apps such as Bold Commerce, etc. but all of them show a discounted price in checkout which is simply wrong in accounting. 



One of our soaps retail price is 11.00€. For one customer group the price is 9.00€. In checkout those customers see a crossed 11.00€, a discount of 2€ and the price of 9€. 


Do you know any app that works without an automatic discount? 

A few months ago, I used the Variant 1 of Bold Commerce Custom Pricing which created metafields of each product. But this solution does not work with Online Store 2.0 anymore. 


I've attached another example screenshot. 


Please help 🙂 


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Hi @JanLoe 
Currently, Shopify does not allow to have different prices for a single product, so the only way to have different pricing is through discounts only.  You can check the Discount Depot App which allows you to offer discounts based on the customer group. 

Rohan Sharma

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Did you resolve this issue? I'm working with BOLD right now on the same issue; we use Accelerated Discount Method (method 3) and our Checkout discounts aren't working. Looks like they're going to have me move to either the Draft Order or Variant methods. I'm using Rebuy as my new Cart app. Thanks.