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Hello! I am looking for an app to give my customers a better account hub and be able to change their own password, address, etc. I would also like there to be a page in their account for them to register as a wholesaler, which would need approval. This page would also need an upload option for the customer to upload their tax exemption documents.

Thank you! 

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Shopify does allow you to add more fields to a registration page with a bit of code: the help doc. But this method saves the new information
to the customer note field. 
Alternately, we've developed Customer Fields for this exact use case and the app comes complete with a B2B template out of the box.
A short video about B2B possibilities. 
I hope this helps 😊

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You should check out the Wholesale Pricing Discount app. The app offers a feature called Wholesale Sign-up form, where your new users can come in and register on their own, you can also set up manual approval for them to get through.

Also, you have the option to customize this form as per your needs i.e. adding new fields, etc.

I am a customer success specialist at Wholesale Helper. Happy to walk you through too if you’d like a personalized demo. 


I hope this helps 🙂

Ahmed Talha

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