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Customer Loyalty Program

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We need to add a customer loyalty program. Essentially want to reward customers with points for purchases, and defined activities. Then give them the opportunity to redeem points for specific offerings. 
we would want to customize the look and feel of the buttons to match our website. 
can anyone suggest what the best app would be to utilize for this. Essential we have one with great customer support. 

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Hi, has worked perfect for most of our merchants. Give it a try! Thanks

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Thanks for the advice

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You can consider these apps:
Smile: Rewards & Loyalty by
This app allows customers to earn points for creating a customer account, placing an order, celebrating birthdays, or leaving reviews. Also, it let customers redeem earned points for coupon codes or free gifts at checkout.


Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards by Swell Rewards
With the help of this app, you can reward customers for over 15 unique actions, including referring friends to a store, writing product reviews, creating a store account, interacting with your brand on their socials, reading or viewing targeted content, or even spending schemes like “spend $X – get $Y”, “make X purchases – get $Y”, and much more.


Rise: Gift Cards & Loyalty by
It allows you to build an enhanced Gift Card and Store Credit program on every Shopify plan, so customers can send branded, digital Gift Cards and gift vouchers directly to gift recipients via email and instant messaging. You can set up numerous rules to automate the process of store credit and earning loyalty points. Also, it allows you to offer Gift Cards usable across multiple stores – online, Shopify POS.


Here, you will find out the best Shopify apps represented on the App Store.


If you are looking for help or a consultation for your store, feel free to contact Whidegroup anytime.

Co-founder at Whidegroup, e-commerce development company from Ukraine
- 10+ years of experience with SMBs
- Deep expertise in custom development & optimization
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Thanks Josh. Appreciate the advice

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Hey @Eugenevclubwine!

I'm Hila from the team. 


Rise offers Gift Card & Loyalty solutions for your online store. 


As Stacy mentioned, Rise offers a customizable Loyalty solution. With Rise you can reward customers with store credit (instead of points). This makes the process so much easier and more straightforward for your customers, because points can mean different things in each store, but $5 is always $5. Our customers have great results with this streamlined approach that in our experience really increases redemption rates! 


You can check out how the program would look like here, note that there are more options for customization than what is shown here- 



Plus, customer satisfaction os our number 1 priority, and our customer support agents are always available to provide fast and helpful support!


Feel free to visit our app page to learn more and get in touch with us!


All the best,


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Hi @Eugenevclubwine , 

I’m Richard Nguyen - CRO Expert at PageFly- Free Landing Page Builder.


You can take a look at Growave. They have a loyalty program which allows customers to redeem points. You can check their demo store for more others function such as wishlist, reviews badges here.


You can also check this list of Shopify Apps that helps to boost your store performance here.


If you want to do more customization for your store to increase conversion rate, you can consider using a Shopify page builder. And PageFly, Advanced Page Builder with 24/7 support live chat is a great app that helps you easily customize your Shopify pages and make it more attractive.


Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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Hi @Eugenevclubwine Sam here from loyalty app Spaaza - (public app just launched although we've already got some bigger customers using our custom app - the customer support is great of course 😎). 

Can I ask a couple of questions if that's okay?

  1. When you say "defined activities" what kind of thing are you thinking of? Do you mean hitting specific pages on your store, reviewing products etc? I guess the challenge there is how we get notified about the activity if it's not in the regular Shopify notifications (webhooks) - I think there are some apps that do that in the frontend though.
  2. Do you want to be able to segment your customers based on what they've bought, how frequently they buy, how much they spend, where they live and other properties, or doesn't that matter?

Have you already chosen an app since you posted this? And, if so, what influenced your choice?

Many thanks,



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Hi @Eugenevclubwine,

Point-based loyalty programs are great, but let me tell you why you should think about choosing loyalty programs with cashback and discounts instead of the usual point system.

I've had the opportunity to speak with over 100 eCommerce businesses on my podcast, and when the topic of loyalty programs came up, many of them expressed dissatisfaction with the benefits provided.

They faced a couple of challenges:


  • Customers found it difficult to understand the program.
  • Not many customers were interested in collecting points.
  • Customers couldn't redeem their rewards until they reached a certain number of points.
  • The programs weren't motivating enough for customers to shop more.

Taking all these drawbacks into consideration, we developed Fealty, a loyalty program app that focuses solely on cashback or discounts. The best part is that you can set it up in less than 5 minutes.

Our main goal was to offer immediate benefits to customers. This helps them stay loyal to your brand and encourages them to unlock different tiers to enjoy higher discounts.

Recently, we've seen many brands finding Fealty helpful because it's easy to set up and customers find it super simple to understand and take advantage of. Ultimately, this results in increased sales for your business.

So, if you want to enhance customer loyalty and boost your sales, consider Fealty's cashback and discount-based loyalty program. It's a straightforward and effective solution that benefits both you and your customers.

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Hi, we have a merchant that is a luxury accessories brand looking at Customer Loyalty Apps in Shopify. Specifically we want to roll out a Referral Program where Gift Cards are the reward mechanic to the referrer, and we want to focus on referrers that are existing customers. (Discounts, cashback and points systems to be avoided as all that would undermine our brand positioning).


Currently under consideration -, Yoptpo, Goaffpro, Smile, Uppromote, Referral Candy, as well as Stamped (because its also our reviews app). 


This is too many to seriously compare and review so would welcome any info, insights or advice on how to narrow down this list. And/or links to materials where comparative reviews with pro's and con's have been done. Thanks in advance.