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Customer product assistant

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Hi, I am looking for an app that assists a customer in choosing the right product for their needs if they are unsure. 

 I have seen on online stores that they have a pop-up window asking the customer if they need this assistance. There are so many apps it can be overwhelming, what is a good one that you have come across that works well in your store? 

If they are free or have a free trial but are cost-effective for small businesses that would be great too. 


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Thanks Amanda, I will check this app out


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Hello LizGolsby6


There are many Shopify apps that offer product recommendations and decision-making assistance for customers.

"Frequently Bought Together"

Use proven and smart AI-driven product recommendations for optimal results

"Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy"

Selleasy displays high conversion pre purchase & post purchase upsell offers. This prompts customers to bundle related products


"ManyChat" or "Gorgias"


allow you to integrate chatbots or live chat functionalities into your store. Customers can interact with the chatbot or a live representative to get personalized product recommendations and assistance.


Hopefully you will find it helpful. if so then make it solution.



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Hi @LizGolsby6 😁


This is Ellie from Free Gifts.


If you want a quick app to create, edit and push live with customization options for creating unique popups, I highly recommend SmartPopup: Promotion Popup.


The best part is it’s FREE with all the amazing features and the dedicated customer support team it provides.




In your case, you can easily create and design popups using templates or blank ones in SmartPopup. I suggest using Canva or PS to design tempting images. Besides, the app allows to custom amount of seconds till the pop-up


I truly hope my recommendations help!


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Test Zipchat AI , free trial and easy setup and does exactly what you're looking for

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Hi Tia, 


The other replies callout great options for pop-up chatbots!  Wanted to share an alternative solution in alby.


We have done a lot of testing and have seen that customers don't always engage with the traditional chatbot pop-up when it comes to shopping (they think of it more for service questions). That is why we designed a product shopping assistant that is embedded directly into the product page. 

demo_1 1.png

We have seen an increase in engagement and conversions, especially leveraging AI to tailor suggested questions for each customer. 


Let me know if you have any questions! 


alby is an AI-driven shopping assistant that embeds directly onto product pages (no annoying pop-ups).
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