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Customer Product Finder app needed

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I'm looking for a Customer Product Finder for our wine website. Customer would use the Finder to filter down to the product they are looking for.


Example product drill down using the Finder:


Colour: Red / White / Blush Wine

Sweetness: Dry / Semi-Dry / Sweet

Price: Under $99 / $100-$126 / $126-$199

Recommended Results: would appear


Has anyone seen such an app?


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Hey @BrianM69,


The most well-known one is, if I understand what you're asking correctly.

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Hi @BrianM69 ,


You could try Ultimate Search and Filter that helps to improve customer's experience and conversion rates. It offers advanced tools for a smooth users' product discovery including Dynamic product filtering (filter products by Product attributes such as Product type, collection, vendor, product tag, variants), Color Swatch Display, Merge values (for example Blush Wine and Red into Red), Price slider, Product count for filter value, Breadcrumb trail (selected filter values).


Moreover, you can utilize the power of AI Autocomplete search and Product match, Merchandising to promote your marketing campaigns (promote high-profit margin products, sales products, promotion banners) and Internal site search analytics. 


Take a look at the demo store: (Vertical filter navigation) and (Horizontal filter navigation)




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If you can't find an app that would work for you, you can reach out to a Shopify Expert to create a custom app for you:

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Hi Brian,

I know this is an older thread, but in case you are still looking, we created a customer product finder and recommendation app that fits your exact needs. It is called Guidelines Product Finder. You can check it out here:

You can easily create a series of questions and then associate tags for each answer to dynamically recommend products based on the customer's selections. It is a great way to provide personal recommendations and guide customers to the right product. The design can also can be fully customized to match your companies brand. We have been around since 2014 and keep adding features all the time. There is a free trial, so you can check it out and we hope it provides you a ton of value (i.e, more sales!).

Best of luck,




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Hey Brian!

I know eCommerce stores that are currently using a smart recommendation system just like how u want it.

They both use a guided conversion platform from Preezie, and I happen to work at the company as well!

Take a look at our website and our case studies!