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Hello! Anyone here knows how to get information on customer location such as zip code? We want to better understand some traits regarding our current customers that location down to the zip code could offer, but the most granular that Shopify goes is per city even though they ask for zip code in order to ship. Is there an app for this? 

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Hey Isislabella, no app needed! Simply click the "Export" link (top right corner) on the Customers tab and the .csv file will contain Zip code. I do this regularly and use Sheets or Excel to perform more advanced analysis.

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hi @Isislabella 

I am Sajal here from PepperApps, we have built an app that solves exactly your use case


1. It tells you everything about your customers based on locations/zip codes,

2. No of orders by country and zip codes

3. Total income by country and zip codes.

and much more...


Please let us know how can we further help you, you can reach out to us at . We can also give you a demo, discuss pricing for long term and also help to add new use cases all according to your needs. We are pretty flexible