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Customise you box app / bundle products

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We will be selling baked products on our website, and give the customer the possibility to buy a box of 3/6/9 products. The box will be sold at a set price. Since the customers taste differs we would like to give let them customize the box with their prefered baked products. 

I have found an example on another website. The customer can browse the website and once you add a product to the box/cart it will appear in the 'box tool' which is visible on the side of the website. I am wondering if there is an Shopify app what let you do this? 

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Hello @cdanielc,

You can try iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell. This app has a widget called product bundle that allows you to fulfill your need. Install this app and try this app using its 14 days free trial.

Sajini Annie John | iCart Team
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Hi @cdanielc 

Can you share the link of the website? From the screenshot, it's hard to guess how it works.

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Hello @cdanielcdid you get your solution? It might be a long time but this reply may help others who are still searching for this kind of solution. If not, then the MultiVariants - Bulk order app can be a solution for you. 


You need to create baked products in the Shopify backend and under the main product create items as variants that will be visible on the product page. So, all the items will display under the main product as variants and there will be a quantity selector for each type of item. Your customer can choose their own combination of all products. 


With this app, you can set the interval as 3. So, in the quantity field, the quantity will increase to 3,6,9 and so on. Customers can choose from different variants to customize their own box.  If you want, you can set min-max restrictions on your products also.


Additionally, through this app, you can apply restrictions for minimum-maximum order value, predefined bundles, limits on variants, and orders on your products. 

Also, you can set restrictions on any specific product or group of products in your store. You’ll get 3 days of trial for going through all the available features.


Here is the Sample product where the quantity increases by 5/10/15. Here is the Sample store with more available features.


interval-Incremental quantity MultiVariants appinterval-Incremental quantity MultiVariants app



Emilia7 | eFoli
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