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My client would like me to use Locksmith to password protect a particular collection. I have installed it on the site it all seems pretty simple but I haven't found out how to customise the login page. The help section just links to the Shopify Experts page which isn't particularly helpful considering I can customise the page myself. I have found a few locksmith related snippets, but they warn at the top that they will get reset next time locksmith interacts with the shop. 

I've tried contacting the developers through their webchat but they aren't responding and I need to get this done by the end of the weekend.  Any help therefore would be greatly appreciated.



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I had this issue too. After many attempted work arounds, my solution was to create a snippet called 'lockedContent,' which I called within the guest content setting (this just lets you avoid having to wait for Locksmith to sync with Shopify with every edit). Then, I used CSS and liquid within this snippet to achieve the custom result. UI/UX requires a login form on one side, and a "register" call to action on the other that would take you to a long, custom, b2b form. My snippet ended up something like this:

  #customer-wrapper {display:none;}
  #wholesaleTable #customer-wrapper {display:block !important;}
  #wholesaleTable #create-customer {display:none;}

<table id="wholesaleTable">
<td>{{ locksmith_customer_login_form }}</td>
<td>Become a Reseller - Learn More</td>

Hope this helps out a fellow frustrated developer. Also hope Locksmith sees this and builds in greater UI/UX control over these forms and templates! At least a "hide form" boolean setting so this CSS isn't necessary.

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I was really happy to finally find Locksmith, but super disappointed that their $9 a month fee. It did not show me how to add my own background to the password page, drop the simplified password field form into the middle of my Shopify page (it was up near the top coded badly) and just make it look slick. They don't give you a link to show you how to do it and you end up going around in circles in the theme looking for the CSS code that relates. I am a bit shocked at how simple the service / page is for the money.....Yes...."it does what it says on the tin....." but it truly is a "tin" in way of layout. Please Locksmith, listen to designers. They will have your back and pass your details to other designers, if you can be bothered to up the ante.

Cheers Vanessa