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Customizable Upsell App

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Hi Everyone, 

Forgive me if this has already been asked and answered. Complete newbie here to the online sales side of things. 

I'm looking for an app that will allow me to customize my upselling. For example, in my brick and mortar store, I know one product is often purchased alongside three others, so I want to recommend those in the cart. Most of the apps I've found look like they analyze and make recommendations for you, but I'm looking for one I can basically create myself. 

Does that make sense? Any suggestions?


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App Selly can help you to up-sell both manually and automatically:

★ SELLY UNITED - The front solution to increase sales for online store and POS -
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This app may help you, check it out:

Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool 

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Hey @MountainGirl03 😄 Not sure if you found a solution but our company specializes in handpicked cross selling. This means you choose EXACTLY what you want to suggest with each product. Check us out: Let me know if you need help getting started too. You can reach me at 

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@MountainGirl03,Maybe this app can help you. i used it to Create a Combo product that help me clear my stock.

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Hey, try this app I assure you that it will help you out. This app allows you to customize upsells based on your conditions. 

Please check it out:

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Hello! If you are still in need of an app for Upsells, we recommend you check out our apps on Shopify: Simile. We have a variety of solutions to common e-commerce problems! If our apps do not perfectly suit your needs, you may contact our developers and we could potentially create a more customized solution for you!


Hope this helps!

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Hello @MountainGirl03, you can install all in one Shopify app AiTrillion

You can check about the Personalization in detail here-Personalization with AiTrillion



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I know an app that allows you to select upsell products manually. It's Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool. You can choose target products and upsell products.
It also allows you to create cross-sell bundles. The discount feature is available. You should make use of it to boost sales.

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Hi @MountainGirl03 Have you tried In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell? The app allows you to create fully customized offers from design to logic. The support team actually does this for you for free if you want. You can target your customers with the upsell and make sure specific upsells & cross-sells are only displayed to customers who meet specific conditions

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Hey @MountainGirl03,

You need an app that can provide you upsell, cross-sell, Analyze, and make a recommendation.

I'm Very excited to recommend your OneSell App. OneSell app has exceptional functionality like You can set the offer to appear when the product is added to the cart or at checkout. Also with real-time analysis, it can measures the number of Popup impressions, the number of visitors who accepted the offer and track all additional revenue that comes from people accepting the OneSell offer.

What are you waiting for check it out:

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Sleek upsell ($19.99/month - 7-day free trial)


  • Fully customized offers
  • Countless conditions to add to your offers
  • Infinite custom fields for upsells that need those
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Video calls on request
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Hi @MountainGirl03,

Are you still looking for solution?

We have created an in-cart upselling app that offers a huge variety of upsell options:

  • Multiple discount tiers based on cart price or cart items
  • In cart product upselling
  • Product bundle with discount
  • In cart product recommendations
  • Offer upselling
  • Birthdays collector
  • Survey
  • Multiple Checkout button
  • Cart Urgency Timer
  • Additional discount option
  • Coupon Code option

There are more amazing things in it I would suggest you to check...!!!

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Hey @MountainGirl03,

The app does exactly what you are looking for. It lets you choose the products that trigger upsells display and assign specific products that will be shown in the widget. This way, you’ll be able to recommend particular items according to your strategy.


The app offers a 7-day free trial, so you can test it risk-free.

I hope it helped! Feel free to contact me for more details.

- Boost sales with upsell & cross-sell recommendations app
- Official website
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