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Customize available products based on the delivery address

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 I am doing a floral business and we have some in house product, which we can deliver to our local zip codes only. All the rest of the products we can deliver worldwide with the help of florist networks which we have subscribed to. Here are my requirements.

1. At the beginning of the site, it shows a popup asks the customer the delivery zipcode. Based on this input, my products page only shows the products available for the zipCode( All the products that does not have any ZipCode assigned + Products that have a matching ZipCode)

2. I have a list of Products, which should only available for specific list of ZipCodes. They should not be available outside of those specific zipcodes.

3. All the other products (Which I do not speicify zipcode) should be available for any zipcode.

Could someone please point me to an app that does this or any other suggestion.

Thank yuo



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Hi @dilh ,

Check Zipprover -

It will show popup/embed form on product page and ask for delivery area zipcode from customer.

If the zipcode is not deliverable then it can restrict the add to cart and additionally collect email from the customer as wait listing, so as a store owner you can inform them when you open service in their area. Save lot of support debts/time for you and your customers. It will not hide/customize product since each theme have different design.


P.S We are the author of Zipprover.