Data Retrieval not happening while trying by using Partners account

Data Retrieval not happening while trying by using Partners account

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Hello I am trying to retrieve the data from the marchant account by using the partners account with the below python code. I am not getting any Authorization code. Please resolve this or suggest how to do that.

import shopify
import binascii
import os

# Set up the Shopify API session
API_KEY = '22434e0c8d10dcd3f72f187c1d7149e5'
API_SECRET = 'b725127b7309553d0489f40a35d27138'
APP_NAME = 'Online Store'
API_VERSION = '2023-04'

# Set up the session with your API Key and Secret Key
shopify.Session.setup(api_key=API_KEY, secret=API_SECRET)

# Set up the authentication URL
session = shopify.Session(SHOP_NAME, API_VERSION)
pos = binascii.b2a_hex(os.urandom(15)).decode("utf-8")
scopes = ['read_products', 'read_orders']
auth_url = session.create_permission_url(scopes, REDIRECT_URI, pos)
if 'state' in auth_url:

# Redirect the user to the authentication URL and prompt them to accept the permissions
print(f"Please go to this URL to authenticate with Shopify:\n{auth_url}\n")

# Wait for the user to authenticate and then enter the code parameter provided in the redirected URL
code = input("Please enter the code parameter from the redirected URL: ")

# Request an access token using the code parameter
session.request_token({'code': code})

# Activate the session and access the products table
products = shopify.Product.find()

# Print out the list of products
for product in products:

# Clear the session

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