Delete a Shopify managed Facebook catalog

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I deleted my Shopify account a while back to switch to a new platform. I deleted the Facebook shop connection at the same time. Deleted the rights from Facebook too.

However there's still a Facebook catalog owned by Shopify in my account, which is linked to my Business Manager. I can't delete this catalog, since I'm not an owner of this catalog, but Shopify is. When wanting to change this Business Manager, I get the below message that I need to update the FB app in my Shopify account, which no longer exists.


How can I delete this catalog? Facebook told me to get in touch with Shopify, since Shopify manages this account. I really need urgent help, been sent from one party to another which is no help at all.

Any clues to sort this out are welcome!


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having the same problem here


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Did anyone find a solution?