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I want to use an app for customer`s reviews. But if later I want to delete it and use another app - what will happen with all reviews (data)? Will they also be deleted or I can move them to another app?

I mean the data is kept in Shopify`s servers or in the app? If I use not Shopify app. Is an app only displays data, but the data is on Shopify anyway?

And if saving data is possible only if using Shopify app, can you advise me what is the best Shopify app for reviews?

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When you decide to choose a plugin, use one that can let you Import and Export data at any time.
We were using Yopto for some of our websites, and their format of import/export it's easily managed.


Also, by the new GPDR when you delete an App, it's required to delete all your information in the next 78hr.


Not sure if this is a help for you,