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Hi folks,

Non-coder here, if you could help please.

I've just installed one of the GDPR / CCPA compliant apps onto my site, but already had a non-compliant footer banner cookie statement code snippet and another asset. so can I now safely remove both the snippet and the asset from within my Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code > Snippets / Assets folders, by simply hitting the "Delete file" button on both?

Many thanks and greetings from Ireland.

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Hello @RoyH ,

Yes you can remove the files from assets and snippets but keep note if anywhere in code these files are used then frontend will show a error message.

So I think best will be first confirm the usage of files and once confirm then remove them.
Actually I'm saying this because when we install apps they created necessary files in theme structure but parallel to it they also include their code inside the theme files.


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