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Hey friends!


I'm looking for an app that I can use on our e-commerce website that will notify the user once they order is confirmed, when the order leaves the warehouse and a Thank you Note when successfully delivered.

On our website, we won't be using any courier, we'll have our own driver delivering those products, and it will be delivered mainly locally only. based on that which app do you think would be more suitable (both free and paid options are welcome).



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Hi, we’re you ever able to find an app to do this for you? I have the same issue as I’ll be self delivering and want to give customers my tracking location 

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Apps like Track123, Route, ParcelPanel, AfterShip, etc from the Shopify store help you integrate your self-shipping and provide other options like,

  • Track orders on your web, email, and the app
  • Branded tracking page
  • Shopify native tracking link
  • Display delivery dates to your customers
  • Smart shipping notifications
  • In-built SEO optimization to improve your store ranking, etc

Along with the tracking notifications features, if you also get additional tools like identifying order delays and team integration, it would help your company stay a step ahead of the customer.


To help save your time in looking out for all these requirements in one place, we suggest you check out Helplama Helpdesk which has automated order tracking and additional features along with seamless Shopify integration. It provides Slack integration that helps all your team members across departments share even knowledge about every order shipment details.


P.S I recommend that you take advantage of the 15-day free trial to explore the tool.

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For your specific needs, the Trackr app would be a suitable choice. It offers both free and paid options, allowing you to effectively manage the entire order tracking process and provide timely notifications to your customers throughout the delivery journey. This way, you can enhance customer satisfaction and keep them informed about their orders with ease.

If you find it useful, please indicate by liking or marking it as a solution! Looking for powerful Shopify apps to optimize your online store? Try Trackr for easy order tracking and fulfillment management and HelpCenter for a comprehensive knowledge base and customer support solution. These apps will help you streamline your store operations and provide excellent customer service.