Deprecated API calls email seems outdated?

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We received emails from Shopify about having deprecated API calls. The emails read like this:


So we ran to the deprecated_api_calls.json endpoint and we got the following response:

	"data_updated_at": "2022-02-02T10:59:59.000000Z",
	"deprecated_api_calls": [{
		"api_type": "REST",
		"description": "The fulfillment_service_handle property will no longer exist on the FulfillmentOrder resource.",
		"documentation_url": "https:\/\/\/api\/admin\/rest\/reference\/shipping-and-fulfillment\/fulfillmentorder#properties-2021-07",
		"endpoint": "Fulfillment Order",
		"last_call_at": "2022-01-04T16:42:22.000000Z",
		"migration_deadline": "2022-04-01T15:00:00.000000Z",
		"graphql_schema_name": null,
		"version": "2021-07"


We have a private app, all the code is in our servers. I have looked at the code and we are not using a "fulfillment_service_handle" property. How can I make 100% sure we are not using that property? Is there another way to call deprecated_api_calls.json that will provide me with the actual offending call we made?


I also noticed that the reponse indicates:

"last_call_at": "2022-01-04T16:42:22.000000Z"

Does this means that the last time we made the offending call was on the 4th of January? If so, why am I getting the email again now?



Agustín Boleda



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