Detailed Store Activity Log for Price Changes?

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I'm looking for an app that can give me a detailed activity log of changes made to products on my site.

We have thousands of products, and a few different employees. If a price is changed or wrong, sometimes we have absolutely no idea who did it or when. 

Shopify's inbuilt "Store Activity" is not detailed enough for our needs.

I'm looking for an app that can say: this product's price was changed from THIS to THAT, by THIS PERSON, on THIS DATE.

Is this possible? Am I crazy? Thanks!

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Hi @SeanFlanagan , is it only about price change?

As per my knowladge its not possible directly as no way to track this. But this thing can be build. for that your employees have to use the app for making the changes they can update the price and app will records all tte activity of employee, Am not sure if there is an app available for this. But this thing can be achievable by a custom app.


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Hi @SeanFlanagan 

We have a few ideas on how an activity log can be built without changing your current flow.

It would be good to understand your needs a little better. Email me at



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I have the same need. Would love to know if you found a solution!