Detected multiple handlers for 'APP_UNINSTALLED'

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Hi Guys,


I madeAPP_UNINSTALLED webhook handler & wrote some code in but it seems APP_UNINSTALLED webhook handler is already there in Shopify node JS template but i am not able to find. I searched the whole directory


any help would be really appreciated. 


Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hey did you get an answer to this? I have the same question.

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Bump, also wondering same.

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Hey I actually found out the answer to this - if you are using the latest Shopify Node template then it registers a APP_UNINSTALLED automatically webhook automatically for you. Checkout the file below: you see that deleteAppInstallationHandler is the callback, which under the hood deletes the app session from the db for you.


Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to use an interface and edit this functionality. For me, this is enough because I have a simple app, but I imagine a lot of people probably have more they want to do on an app uninstall. I think the second part of the warning is important though - which is that webhook_handlers are called sequentially. So I ~think~ that if you add another webhook handler, both should function on an app uninstall. Hope that helps.