DIfferent Received Costs for Same Products in Stocky? Am I wasting my time?

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So, almost every time I order from a vendor the prices for my products fluctuate depending on specials/promotions/sales that my vendors are running. Basically, I have my standard cost in my Shopify product pages, but then adjust the cost in Stocky when I create a new PO to reflect the special that I'm taking advantage of at the time. Is this a waste of my time to change the costs every time I enter products into a PO? I can't see any sales reports in Shopify that reflect the average received costs to show me my true margins. I can easily take the adjustment off at the bottom -  say if the vendor is running 10% off I would just adjust the entire PO 10%. But that doesn't help when I want to see what my average cost/margin is for a certain product over time. I'm thinking I may have to switch to a different inventory management app that tracks this analysis. Any suggestions?

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We have the same issue. 

What I have discovered, after numerous conversations and lots of testing of Stocky and Shopify, is that reports in Shopify (or any reporting apps I have found so far) report based on Shopify product cost information, not Stocky information. The product cost recorded in your sales and COGS reports from Shopify will be the cost listed on the product in Shopify. Stocky product costs don't automatically sync to Shopify hence the issue. When you sync and receive in Stocky it only syncs inventory quantity. 

If you do want to update the cost to the avg. cost based on what was received in Stocky (this should account for some of the variations by averaging which may or may not work for you), you need to manually push the cost from Stocky using the Preferences>COGS>Sync Avg. Costs to Shopify function. This sync is for your entire inventory, not one product or purchase order.  I have specifically asked Shopify and Stocky support people why the cost does not sync automatically and it is intended that it does not. 

We have 25+ stores and receive new products at a potentially new cost every day so we have to build in a regular process of hitting Sync avg. cost to Shopify. It isn't great and will mean it's not 100% accurate but it's the best available option we could find while using Stocky.