Different upsell options with each product

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We are looking for an app that would allow a simple way to add different "add -ons" to each product. Every single product will have different add-ons and they all are going to be differently priced, therefore I don't find apps like w3 or upsell easy to use, as I am aiming to have approx. 100 products with at least 5-8 addons on each. 


Please note, that addons will be priced differently for each product, see example attached in picture


Thank you all in advance.


Screenshot 2022-10-08 at 16.10.22.png

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Hi @Kaladukas,

It's been a while since you brought up this topic, and I'm uncertain if you've already found a solution for your store. Nonetheless, I'd like to propose a simple and effective solution that you and other members can consider if you come across a similar issue in the future 😊.


To streamline your product options, I highly recommend utilizing the Easify Product Options app. This app offers a range of features that allow you to create custom options tailored to your specific requirements. With 25 option types, you can design your product options exactly as you want them. You can even include price add-ons and helpful explanatory text 👌.


One remarkable aspect of this app is its Option Import feature, which enables you to create custom options in bulk. This feature is particularly useful for stores with numerous custom options, where the options and their extra prices differ across various products.


I encourage you to give this app a try. If you find the import/setup process challenging, the Easify team is available to provide you with the necessary assistance 🤗.

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