Digital Downloads - imported orders and files unavailable

Digital Downloads - imported orders and files unavailable

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Hello community, We have just migrated an online store from a proprietary platform to Shopify using Shopify's import tools for products and orders, and a script (via API) for importing orders. Then, we installed Digital Downloads to link our old files (PDF) to our products.

The problem is the following, our old customers can no longer download the files they have purchased because the application does not seem to make the connection between the products in the old orders and the files linked to these products.

Does anyone have an explanation? Is there a solution to recreate this link between the old orders and the files linked to the products of the orders?

Thank you for your help.

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Hello @frnx,


I am pretty much sure that your old download urls have a different structure compared to the one with Shopify now. I think that you probably have 2 ways: first is to implement the rewrites on the server side where your files are located (if it's outside of your main domain that is with Shopify now I suppose), and second is to implement some page "request my download" where so-called old customers could request to regain their access to earlier purchased items. I think you might need a technical person - developer to implement any of that.


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