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We'd like to offer a recurring subscription for our digital content. Can
someone advise as to which would be best for what we want to do?

We have a quarterly publication and want to offer an annual subscription
(4 issues) which would renew automatically if the subscriber agrees.

We need some method of getting the issue to them securely. It's too big
to email and obviously we don't want the same link going to everyone.

I've seen a number of subscription apps for tangible items but have yet
to find something that will do the above. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

                                                                                                 - r00k


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Hello rOOk

Adriana here from Ongoing Subscriptions 👋🏼

You can easily create a  subscription for a digital product on your Shopify store using the Ongoing Subscriptions app.


Ongoing lets you create subscription plans for digital products, such as magazine subscriptions.


You can certainly create an annual subscription plan for 4 issues which will renew automatically, on the Ongoing app.


Ongoing  lets the customer buy a subscription to a certain amount of issues, and automatically charges them on a repeat basis.


Ongoing will also allow you to tag the customers who are subscribed to your publication so you can isolate them which makes marketing and fulfillment much easier.


We would be happy to set this up for you; we also offer complimentary design customizations to make sure the subscription widget looks exactly how you would like it.


For the method of getting the digital issue to them, I have a couple ideas in mind I would love to discuss with you, and see which one best suits your needs.


Ongoing offers amazing customer service with in-app chat support. 


Feel free to try out Ongoing Subscriptions  today and our customer support team will help get you set up in a couple minutes. We're always available to answer any questions you might have so feel free to get in touch if you need anything at all! 😄

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Hi, we're interested in considering this app. Can we plan on
coordinating this next week? Please reply to and Thanks!