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Hihi, I sell digital products. I currently use Digital download. However, I need an app with which I am more flexible. For example, I always want to send thank you PDF's in addition to the product files or instructions. Currently I have for example the instructions in the ZIP files for the products. But if I make a change to the files, then I have to awkwardly delete everything from the store, re-zip on the PC and upload. With files larger than 300, this is damn cumbersome. Is there a solution here how I can for example always flexibly attach the instruction file. I have found a few apps but not the right one, especially I see many apps with the bandwidth limit, this I would always exceed, for this I will not take such oodles. I imagine an app in which I uploaded my products and then always depending on the need to select a PDF, which then for example in a certain period of time each customer automatically receives in addition to your product downloads. Looking forward to a tip.

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Perhaps this is not suitable, especially if each download has different instructions. But if it's a basic how to, and trouble shooting (like "I downloaded to my iPad and can't find my file"), then you could simply create a doc, and have that mentioned / linked in the email confirmation that goes out with the link to download. We too offer many digital files, and since adding that to our emails that go out with the download link, it's cut-down dramatically on questions. 


Hope that helps.


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I believe a more convenient manner would be to share a secure link of a google doc or something with your customers. You can use apps like Wire to send and sell even URLs in addition to files. We currently have a 14-day trial for new customers and also a subsequent free tier


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