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Digital Product Sample Download - off the shelf app?

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I'm building a Shopify store to sell PDF digital downloads. The digital download products are PDF market research reports.

My shoppers like to review sample reports prior to purchasing. I'm trying to figure out the best way to include the sample report PDF on the product page. (the sample PDF is a different file from the full-length PDF file they'd receive if they make a purchase).

Ideally, the shopper would need to click a button on the product page: "download sample' - then a pop up appears for them to enter email address, once email entered they can download the sample report.

The sample report is different for EACH product on the store. Therefore, the Shopify App solution needs to be able to allow for different PDF downloads for each product

Is there an off-the-shelf app that has this type of functionality?

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Hey Joel,

One way to deal with it could be trying variants in your Shopify admin to give a free sample / paid full report. Once a variant is made, you could download one of the apps from the Shopify store to facilitate the downloads. Please do check out our offering - Wire 

I hope this could address your issue. It's an interesting use case we would love to target going forward.

Best of luck with your journey



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