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Digital signature form

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Does anyone know of an app that can insert a form that has a digital signature on it and the form once completed gets emailed to me and also will copy the customer contact details to excel or google sheets.
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We do digital signatures all the time w/ Docusign and the checkout flow.


It really depends on whether you are doing it in the middle of the buying process.




Add to cart >> Start Checkout >> eSign document >> Continue Checkout



Add to cart >> Start Checkout >> Complete Checkout >> eSign document


The second way is usually ebtter on the user as presenting someone with an agreement to sign..unless they know it is coming... is a little off-putting.


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Can you explain how you do this with Docusign? I would like to do this but I can not figure out how to do it via docusign


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Hi @jamesbauckman,

I'm an app developer looking to build a solution. 

Would you mind sharing your store or sharing what you sell? 

What kind of documents do you need your customers to sign? 

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Have any of you come up with a way to integrate digital signature collection at checkout?

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Did you ever figure out a solution because I’m also looking for something similar for my site.

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We have .. it depends on the workflow you need (e.g. do you interrupt checkout to insert this process as a condition to finish checkout versus the process is completed immediately after checkout is compete).

Happy to discuss ... this is typically a 5-6K custom project on average.

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