Re: *Disclaimer: w/Pop-up Acceptance before viewing store.

*Disclaimer: w/Pop-up Acceptance before viewing store.

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Does anyone know of an app that creates a pop-up and makes the customer accept a disclaimer before shopping...


- Dom

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Hello Dom


Hope you're doing well today. Adoric has a pretty cool feature. I am not sure if there is disclaimer functionality but as far as I know, you can definitely create your own pop-up 🙂


Hope this helps!



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Hi Dom!


Getsitecontrol allows you to display a popup as soon as someone lands on the website.

You can remove the X close button and have a single button on the popup for people to confirm that they have read your disclaimer.

You can even set an overdrop to "hide" your webpage until people have clicked on your popup.


Here is an example, it takes very little time to set up:



If you have any questions on this, feel free to DM me!


Giorgia from Getsitecontrol