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Hi there, one of my clients is looking for an app that can do a discount scenario like a site-wide Buy X Get Y for $25 where the item with the lower price is discounted to $25 no matter what the price variations are, so not fixed dollar amount or percentage off, rather just a fixed dollar amount for the product. I have a Shopify Script that I use for my Plus client however this client is not on Plus and cannot make the upgrade as of right now.


I tried finding some solutions before posting here but all of the ones I've come across basically do the same things and don't have this feature. So my question, is there an APP or workaround that can actually do this without being on Shopify Plus?


Here's the scenario in question:


There are 4 products in the cart:

Product 1: $200

Product 2: $75

Product 3: $130

Product 4: $90


The way the Shopify Script works is it takes the least valued items (Product 2 and Product 4) in the cart and makes them a fixed price of $25 each.


Thanks in advance!

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