discount app - Large scale website with 50,000 products

discount app - Large scale website with 50,000 products

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We are wanting to create a way to provide a discount tier group that is available to normal customers...
Maybe via a discount code?

Is this possible?

We have 50,000 SKU and want to find an App that allows customers to enter 1 discount code for their order & then it discounts all the items in their cart. 

Only issue is that the discount percentage is specific per product so some might be 5 percent others might be 26 percent

We currently use wholesalepricing discount app which is great but we need one for everyday customer aswell 🙂 

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Hi @Steveknz ,

This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Landing Page Builder App. 

There are several Shopify apps that can help you do this. Here are a few options:

  • Automatic Discounts & Gifts: This app allows you to create tiered discounts based on cart quantity, customer group, and more. You can also set up specific discounts for individual products.
  • DiscountYard - Stack Discounts: This app lets you create multiple discount codes that can be stacked together. You can also set different discount percentages for different products.
  • Progressive Discount - A Tiered Pricing & Tiered Discount app: This app is specifically designed for creating tiered discounts based on cart quantity. You can set different discount percentages for different product quantities.

I hope my suggestions will provide you with valuable insights.

Wishing you continued success,

Kate - PageFly Team

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Hi @Steveknz ,


Does the functionality in the image solve your problem?

The feature will be available in the Steppun Discount app.

Steppun Discount 



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Sadly not!

We are wanting a CSV based program as we have 50,000 skus
We do not use percentages to discount our products. 

They are based on complicated math haha