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Hi All, 


Can anyone recommend a discount App that will allow me to do the below;

List Product A for X amount

If customer buys just product A they pay £X. 

However, If customer buys Product A alongside product B,C,D or E - Product A is reduced by X%. 

What I would like is for this discount to be worked out on a 1 to 1 basis, i.e 10 x Product B, C D or E will mean 10 x Product A at a discounted rate. 

Hopefully this makes sense, any recommendations are much appreciated. 


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Is this what you mean?

No discount

Product Price

1 A£X


  • say a customer buys A and one of the above
  • we apply Y% discount to A

Product Price

1 A(1-Y%) * £X
1 B£Z
total(1-Y%) * £X + £Z
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