Discount apps that work with markets fixed rates

Discount apps that work with markets fixed rates

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Hi Everyone,


Our team has been looking for apps that will function like most discount apps where it automatically sets the before and after price for customers and displays % discount but most of them do not work witih Shopify Markets for currency exchange if you are using a fixed rate. 


Are there any applications out there at all that work with fixed rates? We find it silly that we haven't been able to find a single one. This is causing our Black Friday week to go horribly for a plethora of reasons. 


Looking forward to any suggestions.

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Hi Alex,


Have you maybe found a solution to this problem?

Shopify Partner
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Hi Alex!

We have developed an application that allows you to generate exclusive discounts through Shopify Markets. You can create massive discounts, discount codes and automatic discounts. You can even exclude discount codes if the product already has a compare at price discount.


I leave you the link of the application:

Best regards,