Discount code options when using Bold Custom Pricing v3

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Hi All,

We use a variety of Bold's apps, that means we have access to a range of features such as custom pricing, quantity breaks, BOGO etc.

The one app that Bold doesn't seem to have, which seems silly to me, is for the use of discount codes.

With how I understand Bold Custom Pricing works, I can't use Shopify's default discount code feature.

Is there any other app, or method, that means I can set up discount codes for customers? I know that there is a Bold app for automatic discounts/sales, but I want to reward customers that have been given specific discount codes too.

Kind regards,


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Hi Kieron ! 

I think I can help you, I developed an app that allows to create discount codes / automatic discounts / BXGY and quantity breaks offers

The best part is that all the offers can be combined by your customers, not only one automatic or discount code 🙂

You also have a nice widget included with quantity breaks offers.


If you want to try it, you can find it one the Shopify app store : 

Feel free to contact me if you have any question 🙂