Displaying discount code on Order Printer packing slip

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Hi folks,


I'm trying to edit our Order Printer packing slip template to display the customer-entered discount code, if possible beside the order details at the top right of the page, ie alongside order number, order date etc.


I've identified the code for these existing variables, but nothing I do seems to show this additional field when we print the order. Ideally we'd like the field to be displayed regardless of whether a code has been entered during checkout or not.


<div class="col-xs-6">
<div class="shop-address-name editable" data-key="shop_name">
<ul class="order-details">
<li class="order-details-name">
<span class="order-details-title editable" data-key="order">Order</span>
<span class="order-details-text">{{ order_name }}</span>
<li class="order-details-date">
<span class="order-details-title editable" data-key="date">Order Date</span>
<span class="order-details-text">{{ created_at | date: "%d/%m/%Y" }}</span>
{% if shipping_method.title != blank %}
<li class="order-details-shipping">
<span class="order-details-title editable" data-key="shipping_method">Shipping</span>
<span class="order-details-text">{{ shipping_method.title }}</span>
{% endif %}


I really hope someone can help. We've entered our peak season and have realised at the last minute we need to see these discount codes during picking/packing.




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