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Hey folks! Can anyone help me i have created shopify app in django. In my pursuit of creating a public app on Shopify using React and Django, I find myself facing a challenge. How can I effectively implement the process of capturing users who access my Shopify store via a link from a third-party web app? My intention is to customize the theme JSON to accommodate this functionality. Upon successfully capturing users referred from the aforementioned third-party app, I am keen to understand the procedure for redirecting them to a newly created page. This page will prominently feature a special discount that has been specifically designated by the Shopify merchant. Additionally, I aim to ensure that a conspicuous banner is displayed on this redirected page, appropriately indicating the successful application of the aforementioned discount. As my users advance through the checkout phase within my Shopify store, I am actively seeking advice on the optimal approach to seamlessly integrate user information obtained from the third-party app. I have been made aware of the potential of using script tags for this purpose, and I am interested in learning more about this technique's viability and implementation intricacies.

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