Do I need to create a Shopify App to process a checkout through API ?

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I have an architecture related question about how I can correctly integrate my business with Shopify. I'm clearly not an expert so forgive me if the answer seems obvious 🙂

I have a Shopify store (for information : I build an app to import my product catalog from an Excel file (basically phones, tablets, computers, etc..). This app works well).


In my business, my end customers (companies) can buy my products through different channels :

- 1. directly on the web shopify store

- 2. or through their existing IT resellers


In this second scenario, I want to make it as smooth as possible (meaning integration between the reseller platform and my Shopify store).


For example :

Company A -> buys 2 smartphones through reseller R website

Reseller R -> push the order to my Shopify store

Me -> I deliver the product to Company A on the behalf of Reseller R


I already gave API access (restricted Admin REST API & Storefront API) to resellers I partner with but they can't submit the checkout as Shopify seems to require a payment associated to it.

BUT in a B2B scenario like mine, that's totally fine. It's pretty normal to allow my reseller partners to pass orders without payment. I charge them at the end of the month manually, so it shouldn't be a blocker during the checkout process.


So is it possible to process a checkout WITHOUT payment using only the Admin REST API or Storefront API) ?


If a Shopify App is needed for this, I see 2 possibles solutions :

- A) each partner need to create a Shopify App in order to retrieve my catalog and pass their orders


- B) I create only one Shopify App used by all my reseller partners where they'll be able to retrieve the catalog and pass their orders


What do you think ? Any other ideas ? Did I miss something ?

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hello Jeremo-gr
I'am sorry but I don't have a solution for you but I'am very curious if you were finding the solution?
I've had similar problem and I've just wonder if you was finding something?
Thanks for the info!

Shopify Partner
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hello, I've had similar problem and I've just wonder if you was finding something? Thanks for the info!