Do you offer APPS where we can send commissions and/or orders to other businesses?

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I have searched the Apps but I am not sure if there is one that addresses the setup we need.

We have a partnership with another company that is getting a set commission for sales that we process through our Shopify store.

We want to automate a process where a % of the sale can be sent to a partner business.

Also, there may be situations where the fulfillment of an order does need to be sent over to the same partner (in some situations) and the payment goes to them.

We are offering a mix of services and physical products.

Can anyone point me to the APPS that can fulfill these functions? 

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Try searching with the keywords affiliate and influencer marketing

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Thank you, I have tried that. It seems like most of them are meant for Affiliates/Influencers to sell physical products through their channels.

Our primary product is actually service-based. So, customers buy a suite of services directly from us. The physical products are complementary and are also sold on our site.

So we want to send a % commission of each sale of the services to our partner(s). Almost like a referral fee but an actual % of the sale.

I will keep searching.