Does a subdomain containing 'Shopify' meet app URL requirements?

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I have a little question about an app URL. 

In app requirements, we can see "URLs: Provide URLs that don't include the word "Shopify" in the domain".


My app is currently exposed on


For me, the domain is "mydomain" and "shopify" is the subdomain.


So, does my URL fit app requirements?


Thanks a lot!

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Greetings, @GuillaumeFg 


It's Garcia from the PageFly team, and as I've helped over a hundred Shopify merchants, I'm happy to offer some insights!


Firstly, it's correct. Shopify apps must meet specific URL requirements. You can't redirect URLs starting with /apps, /application, etc., or using fixed Shopify paths like /products.

Additionally, Shopify's policy prohibits using "Shopify" in your domain name to avoid any confusion for customers. This includes variations and misspellings. Their policy also states: "You can't use the word "Shopify" or any confusingly similar term in your domain name." Therefore, it seems using "Shopify" as a subdomain (like "") might not comply with their guidelines. While they focus on main domains, best practice would likely extend to subdomains as well, since they're part of the overall URL.

I hope this helps!



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