Does anyone know a quiz extension or app?

Does anyone know a quiz extension or app?

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We sell beer and send out pub quizzes in our boxes. I wanted to put them online so customers can access it online when they're having a beer. 

All the quiz apps I've found are for asking questions to make product recommendations rather than Q&A 


Anyone got any suggestions? 


Thanks in advance

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You can use TypeForm:

It will help you to create your quiz and send the link in an email after purchase or add an embedded form.

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Are you finding an app that collects product reviews in a quiz form?


I think this app might be close to your need:

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Hello @BoBBeer !

Can you please go into more detail about your needs? If possible please share an example.
So that I can help you with an exact solution.

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Hi there,

I have a suggestion for you! Check out "Quizify: Quiz Builder." It's a fantastic online platform that allows you to create and customize quizzes for your customers. Unlike other quiz apps, Quizify focuses specifically on Q&A quizzes rather than product recommendations. It's a perfect fit for your beer-related pub quizzes. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!