Does anyone know how to sync the collection I already have on Shopify to Facebook?

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Hi there, 

I am a Shopify noooob who just started to use the system today. 


I've connected my shopfiy account with the shop I have on Meta (Facebook) and I've added the products and built up a series of collections on Shopify.


However, I couldn't find the way to sync the collections I've built on Shopify automatically on Meta.

If I click Meta Commerce manager, I could only see the products sync but no where to find the collections.


I know I could just build the collections on my own and select the products that I want to put in the same group. However, I've got a lot of different products so I would like to find the way that can help to save some time and energy so I don't have to repeat the same work I've done on Shopify again on Meta. 


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