Does anyone know what bundling/options app this is?

Does anyone know what bundling/options app this is?

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I'm trying to figure out what bundling or option app is used on this product page. Also, I've been running into issues with the 100 variant rule and was looking to get an infinite option app, but was wondering how that works with bundling apps. Any recommendations since most of my products have more than 3 variants and 100 variations, and each bundle has multiple of these products? I'm particularly focused on inventory tracking correctly since we do about 90% POS sales and 10% online at the moment.  Thanks!   


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I understand you're encountering limitations due to the 100 variant rule on Shopify and are considering the integration of an infinite options app to manage your product variations and bundles, especially for inventory accuracy across POS and online sales.

One potential solution is to reconfigure the product.liquid template in your Shopify store. Rather than using the built-in variant system, which is limited to 100 variants, you could set up each variant as an individual product. This way, on the product page, instead of selecting variants, customers would select from these individual products. Each selection could be accompanied by an option to "Do Not Add".

When a customer chooses to add an item to their cart, the main product and any additional selections, with their respective options, would be added to the cart simultaneously. This method bypasses the variant limit and allows for more flexibility with product options.

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