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I would like to add a box of pop-up on the checkout page that gives buyers the option of making a donation in the amount of their to a non-profit that my business supports.  I've found some donation apps but none that allow the buyer to donate an amount that they choose.  Does one exist?  Thanks!

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You can add a "PayPal Donate" button to your website. You may have to edit the ".liquid" template files of the theme you are using. Here is a link where you can create a donate button.

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Hey @rich47 , welcome to the forums!

Unless you are a Shopify Plus member, you cannot edit the Checkout page.

I wrote an app that does something very similar, check out out here: Drop me an email and we can have a look at customising it for your needs!


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Hey Rich - Shopify enabled a "Tip" feature in the store. We actually configured this to allow people to "Donate" rather than "tip" at checkout. It's a pretty great tool, I just need to better understand how we track the tips! We have a charitable giving to Local Laundry, so giving customers the option to contribute to our goal of raising $1M for local charities was pretty key. There was some form editing, but it took no time at all. Hope that helps! Best of luck! 

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Hi @rich47 ,

You can try this app . It will allow you to select the custom price to donate with 3 different layouts.

1. Text box - Customers can directly enter price and do checkout
2. Dropdown (Select box) - Customers can see the defined price in select box and option for custom price in donation box.
3. Tabs - Customers can see the defined price in Tabs and option for custom price in donation box.

Customer support is also good and they will integrate for you within few hours.

 I hope this will help.


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You can use Change's new Post Purchase Donations app to support this! Configure a campaign that allows a customer to give a custom amount to your business' nonprofit partner (and your business can optionally match up to $x). The customer will then be prompted with the option after they completed the order through Shopify's new Post Purchase flow. You should be able to get started in just a few minutes, and we require zero lines of code!


I am the co-founder of Change, so please let me know if you have any questions!

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you can check this

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Hey there! Check out → can add this into your PDP, cart or checkout right in the customer journey. And you can set it to be any cause you would like or let your customer choose! 

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Hi @rich47  - Pledger enables shoppers to donate post purchase. Shopper can choose 1 of 3 amounts set up by the store. There is a demo site you can play around with.  You'll need to ask support if they can can enable none UK  stores