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I am searching for a way to confirm when the client views the invoice. I know this is possible in Square and other platforms but is there a feature currently available within Shopify or an app which will allow me to see when the customer views their invoice? Right now I feel it's a bit of a black hole as I am unable to confirm whether the invoice has even been received unless I get a bounce back message.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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We are currently working on an app for this.  DM if you are interested. thanks

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Hi @Hunter08 ,

I have recently added this feature to my app, Yagi Draft Order Lister (https://apps.shopify.com/yagi-draft-order-lister ) . After installing the app, you can generate a trackable checkout link which you can send to clients, and when they open the link to checkout or view, the app will tag the draft order and add details of the time which the clients last viewed the draft order.


The app also allows you to add a widget on the customer account page, which the clients can view their assigned draft order when they login on your store.

Hope this helps!


Axel Kee (developer of the Yagi Draft Order Lister app)

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