Dropshipping app that updates prices and discontinued SKUs

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Hi everyone,

I use the brilliant EZ Inventory app to read a feed from my dropship suppliers which matches SKUs with the feed and adjusts the quantities on my shop to match theirs multiple times a day. It works flawlessly.


However, most dropshippers also publish feed with product prices, and with discontinued SKUs. I'd love to find an app that can read these feeds and adjust my shop in line. The most important one is the discontinued items feed, as there have been several occasions a product is discontinued so moved to that feed, but my store continues to show the previous stock levels which does not adjust.


For a price feed, ideally I'd set it so my shop either listed the RRP if that is listed in the feed, or I could ask it to list items with a X% markup to the price in the feed.


If anyone has any suggestions for either of these (or both in one app), I'd love to hear from you.



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